The care taken in the production of salami Divin Porcello

These are all products that are flavored with salted twelve alpine herbs, Finally, we also prepared the Bresaola with excellent topside of beef.

salumi pancette

Here's a real treat that spares no one !! he shoots a fettina other e…….. disappears in an instant !! It’ the most’ lean pork and fine, comparable to beef bresaola.

He relishes sliced ​​with a knife, wanting with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and sprigs of arugula…… try it !

insaccati vari

For the use of mountain ham hams ranging from 12 and 14 kg, so that they are fully ripe and can work properly. The seasoning and’ very long, never below 18 months and if it is also necessary 18 / 20 months and over. The ingredients , as for other products , are mixed in different proportions that result in a soft and tasty ham , enjoyed by young and old !

prosciutto crudo ossolano