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Virtual Tour

virtual tourCliccate sull’immagine, si aprirà una nuova finestra con il tour, quindi cliccate sulle aree chiare per entrare e uscire dalle sale.

Click on the image will open a new window with the tour, then click on the light areas to enter and exit from the rooms.

Gite divine

Sightseeing in the restaurant.

Proposal #1 – Camminata storico-turistica a Masera;

Life, city, the press and the sausage factory, a walk to discover the history of the City of Alpine Masera. The walk starts from the small station of the train of Vigezzina “from Domodossola or Locarno” develops between the streets of the town of Masera, the aim of the visit is to mettinata villa Caselli, a nineteenth-century residence full of history, located in a beautiful park of over 35.000 sq.m.. full of plants from all over the world. The first part of the walk will end with lunch at the restaurant Divin Porcello made from local products. In the afternoon visit to the wine press of the nineteenth century and the sausage factory Divin Porcello, The tour will end in the afternoon with the return to the station.

frazione Cresta

A walk with purpose gastronomic and explore a pristine of Ossola. Masera still maintains the rhythms and atmospheres linked to past times. A throwback to a relaxation and a day of culture.

Proposal #2 – Walk of food and wine “La via del taste”

This proposal, unique, includes an agile walk through the streets of the town of cobbled Masera, to finish the stories related to the historical culture explained directly on the table, through the course of the lunch of local products. The vineyards and chestnut, you will find them at the table. A short, healthy walk that will conclude with an equally healthy and jovial lunch at the restaurant Divin Porcello. The guide will accompany you in the room telling and illustrating the Alpine culture linked to the food of the territory. A trip purely wine and food for the hungry of culture.

cantina del divin porcello

Proposal #3 – Excursion with MTB pedal assisted

The restaurant will soon be equipped with three MTB pedal assisted, with these mountain bike climbs will be possible even to those not trained. The technology of the pedal assistance will take at altitude, the mountains of the district.

Note: In case of bad weather the transfer will be made with our minibus.
Discounts will be applied to groups midweek.
The proposals are made with tour guides and qualified environmental.
For information on dates and costs call the restaurant at: 0324.35035.

salumi del Divin Porcello

closing day Monday.

Environmentally friendly

The whole complex is powered by solar energy, two large solar trackers provide a good supply of energy. All of this in favor of eco-compatibility in which we firmly believe.

pannelli solari

pannelli solari ristorante


Dinner for two

25 years with us

Il ristorante tipico Divin Porcello in occasione dei 25 anni di attività sorteggerà ogni settimana tra i propri clienti un buono per due persone del valore di 60 €.

To participate in the weekly draw will be enough to fill two simple cards at the table.
A registry with your name and email for the possible notification of winning and an anonymous liking that will be mailed to you at the exit.

3.000 euro di montepremi per tutto il 2015!

concorso al ristorante divin porcello

Evenings throat

Thursday 15 May

Returns food and wine festival evenings Throat, series of events dedicated to quality and food traditions and accommodation of the territory of Verbania, organized and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of the VCO.

The best restaurants in the Lake Maggiore and the Ossola Valleys members of the network of Small Traditional Hotels and Mountain Hospitalitywill host eight events edition 2014.

Starring evenings of products Consortia and producers' associations that in recent years the Chamber of Commerce has helped to create and grow: the honeys Consortium for the Protection Warranty and Honey VCO, of cold cuts'Brisaula association of the Val d'Ossola, of cheese 'Association Craver Goats Cheese VCO and, first, berries of the newly Blu Seafood Association.

During the evenings Gorge will also be able to deepen their knowledge of the techniques of production of the products tasted thanks to the presence of experts and producers.

serate di gola



base grafica

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and photographic material base.

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