Prices salami Divin Porcello

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Mortadella Ossolana:

It’ the typical product of the Ossola valleys. The name "mortadella" deceiving because’ reminiscent of the famous Mortadella Bologna.

Salame Nostrano:

Our sausages are made with pork only, without the addition of other meat and especially without additives, dyes, thickeners and so on and’ allowed to add!!


L’impasto e’ the same salami. The aging process takes less time, are sufficient 15 days. Ideal for a quick snack and greedy!!

Salamini & Cotechini

These are products in the line of fresh, suitable for consumption after cooking or preserved under vacuum for a maximum of two mesi.Per the dough proceedings and’ the same as other sausages, therefore the choice of meat , adding fat and tanning.

Lard – Bacon and Cup

All products come with a sublime mixture of salt, pepe , spices but mostly well- 12 types of herbs….. the aftertaste left by the latter and’ truly exceptional !!!!

Lumbar & Lard

Manufactured with the same procedure , and’ a middle way between the lard and bacon. Of course the red lean and’ the panther and the white’ lard and fat unwrapped !

Pork Tenderloin

He relishes sliced ​​with a knife, wanting with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and sprigs of arugula…… try it !

Prosciutto do mountain

We use the hams ranging from 12 and 14 kg, so that they are fully ripe and can work properly.

Cio’ means that the pork has reached the right weight, growing correctly , following a suitable diet SO’ the meat is precisely appropriately mature to be transformed into a delicious and appetizing ham nostrano.

The washing procedure and’ very complex and difficult brispetto other products of salting. There are many steps to be performed in an absolutely correct otherwise leaves the final result, that in spite of the respect in the preparation and’ always a’ unknown !!!

The seasoning and’ very long, never below 18 months and if it is also necessary 18 / 20 months and over.

The ingredients , as for other products , are mixed in different proportions that result in a soft and tasty ham , enjoyed by young and old !


From the thighs of lamb processed , processed and flavored you get a prosciuttino . When they reached the seasoning ( 3 months )

are boned , insert in the middle of our bacon and herb richiudiamo all , linking them always to hand and we're going to create "bomblets" that season still a month to forgive.

We get so’ mocetta that when you are affected in addition to the savory taste of lamb , Also you can savor the sweetness of lard !

mortadella BRESAOLA OF Valdossola

Made with a soft topside of beef, with thread are the products most’ thin we packed.