Mortadella Ossolana

salumi mortadella ossolana stellina

It’ the typical product of the Ossola valleys. The name "mortadella" deceiving because’ reminiscent of the famous Mortadella Bologna.

But it has nothing to do; and in fact’ a raw sausage, with the mixture very similar to that of the salami nostrano.La difference by the latter and the particularity’ Mortadella, and’ the addition of a small amount of pork liver and flavored with mulled wine’ (mulled wine with spices ).In addition, it also differs in the way and’ linked ( a mano ).Practically and’ a salami folded in half’ so that when it is sliced, remains the slice double.

Everything’ gives a flavor , a particular softness and pleasing to the palate! It is consumed after a maturing of 30 gioni.

Can’ also be tasted cooked ( lessa o al forno ) ma should essere Fresh, appena insaccata.