Salumi del Divin Porcello

The history of our meats began back in 1950, dear grandfather when Peter and John's dad were running the family butcher and delicatessen.

It was he who taught the art to his dad's butcher or as we say in our best parties "to make up".

This tradition has been handed down from generation to generation, In fact I'm learning from my father what he learned in turn from his.

salumi mortadella ossolana stellina

Our method is a very natural, we do not use dyes or added various, but only spices, aromi naturali, salnitro, (by law) and especially quality meat, Finally everything is seasoned in our "old wine cellars"

salumificio insaccamento mortadella

Our sausages are made with pork only, without the addition of other meat and especially without additives , dyes, thickeners and so on and’ allowed to add !! So’ do not contain gluten and can be enjoyed by people with celiac disease and intolerance to flour , gluten etc...

prosciutto crudo ossolano