Pasta and down Rusti

Pasta and bajan rusti that in 2013 with the town of Masera received DeCo “Name Comunale source” is a typical dish that families of the City of Masera and Ossola was prepared often because the ingredients were available to everyone, and lent itself to annealing.

The typical preparation of Masera, of which we follow the recipe is prepared with homemade pasta, cutting it in the manner of fettuccine, “Today we use the pasta type queens”, and is boiled in water and salt.
In another pan, blend the butter with the olive oil, you add the snow peas “previously boiled” or green beans if necessary, you jump quickly everything and add pasta, blends and roasts all, at the end you add the local cheese into small pieces.
For the cheese prediligerà fat alpine Ossolano in two varieties of seasoning, a cooler to give a creamy and seasoned to give strength to the flavor.
Continue cooking blasting everything until a crust red-aracio typical cheese stir-fry. So you need, very hot.

pasta bajan rustii