The lausciera - Soapstone ossolana

Easy to work with, resistant to high temperatures and with a thermal conduction even ten times higher than the refractory materials, Soapstone is the ultimate cooking plate. La steatite, questo il nome scientifico della pietra nata in milioni d’anni sotto la pressione di rocce ricche di talco magnesio, non può essere riprodotta artificialmente. It, for this, is even more precious.

lausciera carne di maiale

La pietra lauscera, “chiamata anche laugera” that was extracted in the lower Val Bognanco and Antrona is a serpentine rock green used in the past for the construction of stoves, mortars, panche e perfino tubature. In the food industry it is used, as mentioned, mostly as a griddle.

Pietra Ollare

The stone should never be washed with detergent, nor wet with cold water (in case it breaks with ease). Before cooking the opening goes greasy for not less than 24 hours with olive oil and dried with paper towels. Resting on the stove home, sul barbecue o sotto una fiamma viva, once brought to the temperature remains hot – Calore e a uniform – like no other product. Set in metal supports that allow it to be moved, can be served at the table where, for its characteristics, keep food warm and, in più, continue to cook.

lausciera carne piatto

We give a few tips to use on the table; Here the dish is served with choice of pork meat, lonza e filetto, accuratamente sgrassata e tagliata a fettine fini. The fatty meat sprigionerebbe smoke and the beef would release too much water, inoltre la carne di maiale anche se ben cotta rimane più morbida e sempre gradevole. The stone is served in the classic dishes with compartments with the addition of baked potatoes and mayonnaise-based sauces, curry, chilli, parsley and garlic. At the request is served is also a variant with salami, in questo caso è necessario lasciar raffreddare la pietra per non avere una eccessiva cottura che provocherebbe sgradevole fumo. La cottura su lauscera è dietetica dato che non necessita di aggiunta di condimento, is put just a bit of salt directly on the stone.