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STARTERS: The appetizers were mostly made salami-produced family Sartoretti handmade with homegrown raw materials and using natural products, they are divided into glimpse of what Salami Salami, Lard, Bacon, Ham and Mortadella inimitable Ossolana Slow Food. You can find particular products, but always in our mountains which Mocetta, Bresaola Deer, Roe, Salami Head, Thread.

tagliere salumi vari

FIRST COURSE: As regards the first plates, production varies daily according to the season and. In the menu there are 5 choices since they first made exclusively from us and you will always find the inimitable verie GNOCCHI OLD ossolana mixed with Chestnuts and Pumpkin and topped with sauce and cheese Roast Nostrano Time, RAVIOLI the agnolotti which can be cooked with ragout Cerwo, with Ragout of the Divine ( a base in pasta in salamino), Mushrooms, Asparagus, Cream of Pumpkin, Radicchio; sometimes RICE suggest that they can be with Mushrooms, al Prunent (vino rosso ossolano), Grain and Lard Ossolano and always on the menu there are also our SOUPS, TRIPPE SOUPS and prepared according to old recipes of the Grandmothers of Masera and about these suggest the PASTA E BAJAN RUSTI

gnocchi all'ossolana

MAIN COURSES: As a second, almost exclusively all meat, the main course is the LAUSCIERA or a Stone Oil Ossolana on which it is cooked fillet of pork served with our national Baked Potatoes and Homemade Sauces otherwise there are MIXED GRILLED MEAT always retrieved in the area Consisting of Beef, Calf, Salamino, Sausage, Bacon, ROAST or BRAZED Chianina, Deer, Capriolo always accompanied by polenta steaks of PIEDMONTESE and CHIANINA THREADS or the type of thread to Bettelmatt Kastel, Beef Tenderloin and Honey Walnuts, Veal Fillet with Mustard, Fillet of Pork with Hazelnuts and many other proposals, however, always based on the seasonality.

lausciera carne di maiale

SIDE DISHES: POTATOES at KILN or steamed vegetables , Grilled vegetables and fresh SALADS.

sala superiore principale

SWEET: Always all homemade CAKE PANELATTE,Typical cake Ossolana, PIES of GRANNY: fatte con Castagne o Frutta Fresca, TARTE TATIN: Browse Hot Caramelized Apples, specialties at the spoon as panna cotta, bonet e creme catalane, fruit sorbets and lots of fresh fruit such as strawberries of the woods ossolani, more e mirtilli.

All accompanied with WINE ossolani both on tap and bottled for the connoisseur and the wine list offers more than 200 Labels.