The Restaurant

The Divin Porcello is a typical restaurant where tradition blends with innovation. We work seasonal produce coming from our valleys, but we decided to use the new induction technology to make cooking more delicate and enhance the quality of food.

The menu caters for all tastes, by greedy meat to vegetarian dishes that tell our territory according to ancient recipes or the chef's imagination with some difficult rivisitazione.È tired of the various proposals, but we become attached easily to our dishes ever as the starter of salami produced by us crafted (ben 11!) among which the raw Masera, lard with herbs and Mortadella Ossolana (presidio Slow Food).

Cantine adibite a sala ristorante

Among the first we find all'ossolana gnocchi made with chestnut flour and pumpkin, various peasant soups and rice dishes for all tastes depending on the season.

Among the latter a special place is occupied by the "Lausciera", this dialect name indicates the soapstone here that you use directly at the table to cook the pork accompanying it with a baked potato and tasty sauces. There are, however Piemontese and cut chops cooked on the grill, fillets enriched with honey and walnuts or chestnuts and hazelnuts, venison and pork lombatello that left us speechless for softness!

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Of course who does not love the meat will not stay dry mouth, You will find cakes and omelettes with fresh vegetables, puff pastry with mushrooms, strudel to Bettelmatt and tastings of local cheeses.

At the end of the meal await our homemade desserts, tarte tatin with ice cream, Strudel with Nutella, chocolate souffle and semifreddo Prunent are just a few.

Pietra Ollare

We are also at your disposal for bookings and composition of tasting menus for any ceremony or event.

In the case of celiac disease the staff is informed.

The restaurant is closed on Mondays

To reserve a table please call the numbers,it:
+39 0324.35035 / +39 348.2202612