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Evenings throat

Thursday 15 May

Returns food and wine festival evenings Throat, series of events dedicated to quality and food traditions and accommodation of the territory of Verbania, organized and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of the VCO.

The best restaurants in the Lake Maggiore and the Ossola Valleys members of the network of Small Traditional Hotels and Mountain Hospitalitywill host eight events edition 2014.

Starring evenings of products Consortia and producers' associations that in recent years the Chamber of Commerce has helped to create and grow: the honeys Consortium for the Protection Warranty and Honey VCO, of cold cuts'Brisaula association of the Val d'Ossola, of cheese 'Association Craver Goats Cheese VCO and, first, berries of the newly Blu Seafood Association.

During the evenings Gorge will also be able to deepen their knowledge of the techniques of production of the products tasted thanks to the presence of experts and producers.

serate di gola