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Pork fillet with alpine herbs

Here's a real treat that spares no one !! he shoots a fettina other e…….. disappears in an instant !! It’ the most’ lean pork and fine, comparable to beef bresaola.

He relishes sliced ​​with a knife, wanting with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and sprigs of arugula…… try it !

filetto erbe alpine

The Lumbard and Lard

Manufactured with the same procedure , and’ a middle way between the lard and bacon. Of course the red lean and’ the panther and the white’ lard and fat unwrapped !

lumbard lardato

Mortadella Ossolana

It’ the typical product of the Ossola valleys. The name "mortadella" deceiving because’ reminiscent of the famous Mortadella Bologna.
But it has nothing to do; and in fact’ a raw sausage, with the mixture very similar to that of the salami nostrano.La difference by the latter and the particularity’ Mortadella, and’ the addition of a small amount of pork liver and flavored with mulled wine’ (mulled wine with spices ).In addition, it also differs in the way and’ linked ( a mano ).Practically and’ a salami folded in half’ so that when it is sliced, remains the slice double.
Everything’ gives a flavor , a particular softness and pleasing to the palate! It is consumed after a maturing of 30 gioni.
Can’ also be tasted cooked ( lessa o al forno ) ma should essere Fresh, appena insaccata.

salumi mortadella ossolana stellina

Salame Nostrano

Our sausages are made with pork only, without the addition of other meat and especially without additives , dyes, thickeners and so on and’ allowed to add !! So’ do not contain gluten and can be enjoyed by people with celiac disease and intolerance to flour , gluten etc...
The sausage has a mixture composed of a leg of pork , choice and sectioned, and as part of the bacon fat is added.
The e withcia’ fatta di sale, pepe, spices , red wine and saltpetre ( present in all the meats and required by law ).The chopped and’ a thick paste, stuffed into natural casings , tied by hand and matured in our cellars for a month, One other feature’ of our meats and’ to remain soft , never dried .

tagliere salame nostrano

Salami and Cotechini

These are products in the line of fresh, suitable for consumption after cooking or preserved under vacuum for a maximum of two mesi.Per the dough proceedings and’ the same as other sausages, therefore the choice of meat , adding fat and tanning.

There is more fat because having to be fired if they were too thin would be dry and very salty. In cotechini adds a generous amount of pork rind that make the dough , once cooked , creamy. salamini For cooking and’ of 15 minutes , for sausages instead and’ needed a good hour or so. Accompanied with boiled potatoes or polenta, are a real treat!!

salumi vari

Lard & Bacon

Here are the products considered less valuable : but not’ absolutely true!! I defy anyone not ingolosirsi faced with a slice of black bread , lard and honey! For a fettazza bacon to taste, cut knife , without thinking about a sandwich with cup!!

All products are prepared with a sublime mixture of salt, pepe , spices but mostly well- 12 types of herbs….. the aftertaste left by the latter and’ truly exceptional !!!!

lardo affettato